TSM Exit from the LCS: What Went Down?

TSM Exit from the LCS: What Went Down?

If you’re into League of Legends, you’ve probably heard the big news about TSM leaving the LCS. What’s the scoop? Let’s break it down in simple terms.

Big News Alert! TSM Leaves the LCS

So, on May 20, 2023, TSM’s boss, Andy ‘Reginald’ Dinh, dropped a bombshell. TSM had been cooking up a plan for three years, and guess what? They’re saying goodbye to the LCS! Yeah, end of an era stuff. This bombshell hit right after CLG and NRG teamed up. Oh, and two other teams, Golden Guardians and Evil Geniuses, also said their goodbyes, leaving only eight teams in the LCS.

Now, fast forward to September 20, 2023, and TSM officially confirmed they’re out of the LCS. It’s been a bumpy ride for them lately, trying to get back to their winning ways.

Why TSM Packed Their Bags

Reginald spilled the beans on this one. TSM’s dream? Winning a World Championship in League of Legends. To make that happen, they felt it was time to spread their wings and play in a new region. Reginald thinks this move will get them fired up for global victory.

But why change the game plan? Well, TSM used to be regulars at Worlds from 2011 to 2017. But lately, their performance hasn’t been stellar. They only went to one out of the last four World Championships before selling their LCS spot. The highest they reached was third place at the first-ever World Championship. Since then, they struggled to make a mark on the big stage.

Here’s a twist – losing their sponsor, FTX, might be a reason. FTX had a mega deal of $210 million with TSM, but when FTX faced money troubles in 2022, the partnership went kaput. Without that support, TSM had to let go of key staff, and their League of Legends team hit a rough patch.

Who Takes TSM’s Spot?

Enter Shopify Rebellion! On September 20, they proudly shouted, “We got TSM’s spot!” We don’t know the exact amount they paid, but people say it’s around $10 million – half of what TSM first wanted.

This is a big deal for Shopify Rebellion because it’s their first time entering the League of Legends esports world. They got TSM’s player lineup too, keeping one player, Jason ‘WildTurtle’ Tran, as a sub after the dust settled in the offseason.

Where’s They Heading Next?

Reginald gave a clue in his video – TSM is eyeing another top region. What does that mean? LCK, LPL, or LEC. Back in July 2022, people were talking about TSM eyeing the LEC, even thinking about SLOTJARWO taking Misfits’ spot.

But now, the buzz is TSM might go for the LPL. Rumors about this started in November 2022. Why the LPL? It’s like a gaming powerhouse with lots of players and tough competition. The last few World Championships and Mid-Season Invitationals were all about LPL teams dominating. If TSM goes for it, they’ll be following NIP’s footsteps, who joined the LPL in Spring 2023 after getting Victory Five in 2021.

In a February 2024 update, TSM spilled the beans that they aim to join a new LoL league by the end of 2024. Things are getting interesting!

So, that’s the story of TSM leaving the LCS and their quest for new adventures in the League of Legends world. Keep your eyes peeled for more gaming tales!