EA FC 24 TOTW 17: Predictions and Possible Stars

EA FC 24 TOTW 17: Predictions and Possible Stars

The football fever is back, and guess what? It’s time to dive into the predictions for TOTW 17 in EA FC 24. We’ve got our eyes on some big shots—Antonio Rudiger and Ilkay Gundogan, the goal-scoring maestros. Let’s break down the excitement and see who might be getting a power boost in Ultimate Team!

Noteworthy Performances After the Break on TOTW 17

As the teams hit the pitch post-holiday break, some players turned heads with standout performances. Hold on, though—no love for cup tournaments this time. Kylian Mbappe’s French Cup hat trick and Luis Diaz’s FA Cup heroics won’t earn them special cards. But fear not, the real action is unfolding in La Liga, where Rudiger and Gundogan are stealing the spotlight.

La Liga Showdown on TOTW 17: Rudiger and Gundogan Shine

La Liga is a battleground right now, with Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, and Girona fighting tooth and nail for victory. While Girona’s doing its thing, the spotlight belongs to Rudiger and Gundogan. These stars scored game-changing goals, making them prime candidates for TOTW 17 in EA FC 24.

Real Madrid’s Defensive Hero: Rudiger’s Winning Goal

Real Madrid faced some tough times with key players like Eder Militao and Thibaut Courtois sidelined. But fear not, the hero emerged in the form of German center-back Antonio Rudiger. His winning goal against Mallorca secured a 1-0 victory, propelling Real Madrid to the top of La Liga. Could this be the moment Rudiger gets a power boost in his card?

Barcelona’s New Star: Gundogan’s Late Winner

Barcelona, sitting pretty in the title race, had their own share of challenges with injuries. But fear not, Ilkay Gundogan, the new recruit from Manchester City, brought his goal-scoring SLOTBANGJAGO magic. A late winner against Las Palmas showcased his impact. If the stars align, this might just be Gundogan’s debut in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team’s TOTW.

Serie A Delight: Frattesi’s Winning Strike

Switching gears to Serie A, Inter showed their mettle with a hard-earned win against Hellas Verona. The man of the hour? Central midfielder Davide Frattesi, who sealed the deal with a decisive goal. Currently holding an 80-rated base card, a spot in TOTW 17 could catapult him to new heights. Inter fans are buzzing, and Frattesi might be the talk of the town in EA FC 24.

Women’s Power on Display: Sheila Guijarro’s Brilliance

Hold the phone, because EA FC 24’s Ultimate Team now welcomes women players, adding a whole new level of excitement. Sheila Guijarro from Atletico Madrid took center stage with a stellar performance—four goals and an assist against Valencia. If she makes it to TOTW 17, her 72-rated base version might just get a major upgrade, making her a top pick for gamers.

Anticipation Builds for TOTW 17 Reveal

With Rudiger and Gundogan making waves, the TOTW 17 reveal on Wednesday has gamers biting their nails in anticipation. Will these standout players make it to the squad? Stay tuned for the official reveal, and get ready to supercharge your Ultimate Team with these potential stars!