Hello, my name is Rosemarie and welcome to my blog. I’m originally from Sydney, Australia but I’ve called the baroque city of Turin home for over thirteen years. I live in this beautiful but relatively undiscovered northwestern corner of Italy with my husband and two young daughters.

I had always dreamed of making my way to Europe after completing a degree in languages and linguistics. My first stop was France, then the UK and finally, the land of my ancestry, Italy. A passion for food quickly developed as shopping at local food markets, experimenting in the kitchen and buying way too many cookbooks became routine. Five years ago, while on maternity leave with my eldest daughter, I started this food blog, to give voice to my passion for cooking, travel and food history.

My sources of recipe inspiration are myriad: my own family (I’m of mixed Calabrese-Sicilian heritage); my husband’s family (originally from the Monferrato region of Piedmont); my ridiculously large food history and cookbook collection; my local macellaio di fiducia (‘trusted butcher’) and the contadini (‘farmers’) at my neighbourhood market who just love dispensing cooking advice; attendance at a professional cooking course run by Italy’s oldest chef’s association; a newly-renovated country house and vegetable garden in the verdant, vine-covered hills between Turin and Asti.

About my work

I’m a wearer of many hats, with a varied list of skills and interests.

I have over a decade and a half of English language teaching experience to all ages. In collaboration with the social eating network, Bonappetour, I offer Market-to-Table and Pasta-Making cooking classes from my home in Turin. I also work with local Italian-English bilingual preschool, Scuola il Cucciolo, to provide hands-on cooking experiences designed for young children.

In addition to creating the content (recipes, photography and text) for this blog, I have written about Italian food traditions and travel for other publications. See my Press page for more details.

About Turin

If you’re looking for a list of my favourite eats/drinks/things to do in Turin, you’ll find one here and here. If you’d like more information about the cooking experiences I offer from my home in Turin, visit my Bonappetour hosting page. If you’re wondering what local specialties you should try while visiting the city and the surrounding region of Piedmont, here are a few personal favourites: grissini stirati,  zucchine in carpione, bagna caudaand amaretti morbidi.

Stay in touch

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Contact me

Due to my demanding roles as a mother and a teacher, I try as much as possible to dedicate any left over time I have to research, writing, photography and recipe testing for this site. Unless you’re booking for one of my cooking classes I can’t guarantee that I’ll always get back to your email in a timely manner. By all means though, feel free to say hello and contact me on info@turinmamma.com or by filling in this form here with your ideas, suggestions and queries.

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    Hi Rosemarie, I love different regional cuisines throughout Italy, so I’m happy to have found your blog. I look forward to trying some of your recipes!

    Thanks for dropping by Rachel. What a lovely blog you have too! I see we both love food, travel and documenting these passions. Do let me know if you try any of my recipes and if you make it to Turin sometime. I have a feeling you’d love it. 🙂 Rosemarie

    Complimenti Rosemarie! I will thoroughly enjoy visiting your blog and learning more about cuisine from this region.

    Thanks Carmen! Looking forward to sharing more recipes from my adopted region of Piedmont (with a few asides in Sicily, Calabria, Liguria and possibly central Italy too 😉 ) on the blog. Also looking forward to connecting with you, Flavia, Daniela, Marialuisa, Lisa and Francesca with #cucinaconversations as of September! 🙂 Rosemarie

    Cara Rosemarie (ti do del tu) ti vedo sempre su instagram e adoro i post e le foto che metti e quello che fai….io sono una restauratrice con la passione della cucina e della pittura e sono torinese!!! Unfortunately però io vivo a Roma….anche per questo ti seguo, perche mi fai “respirare” l’aria della mia terra!! Anche se vengo a Torino circa una volta al mese ….mi fai tornare indietro nel tempo!!!!

    Ciao Alessandra, (anch’io ti do del tu) grazie di cuore per quello che hai scritto. E’ stato davvero uno dei complimenti più belli che ho mai ricevuto da qualcuno. Mi fa piacere che una pittrice e restauratrice come te apprezzi le mie foto di cucina e Torino! La prossima volta che sei a Torino perchè non possiamo prendere un caffé insieme? Mandami pure un email a info@turinmamma.com. Di nuovo, grazie!

    What a nice blog! I was looking for a good recipe of peache ripiene for my practice course in Moddle and discovered your website.
    Fatto con stile! I live in Turin too 🙂

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