Zucchine in carpione

After moving house (twice!!) last year and having to sort through, amongst many other things, all of the books I’d accumulated over the years, I swore to myself that I would never buy another book….


Ice-cream: the ultimate status symbol

This summer has definitely been the hottest I’ve experienced since moving to Turin in late 2007. Too hot to cook at a stovetop. Too hot to turn on an oven. Too hot to go out…


Stuffed peaches alla piemontese

Peaches have always been one of my favourite fruits. Since moving to Turin, I’ve found myself hanging out for summer every year, partly so I can make stuffed peaches  (or pesche ripiene, as they are called…


A holiday in the Marche

Before heading off on our summer holiday to Numana, a town on the central Adriatic coast of Italy, I had big plans for this post. I would write a detailed guide about the often overlooked…


Eggplants and oven-baked caponata

Summer is in full force (in every sense of the word!) now and this means that there is an abundance of eggplants in all shapes, colours and sizes at my local market. Italy is one…


Stovetop pan-baked flatbreads

If I had to choose my fondest food-related memory from my childhood, it would have to be watching my Sicilian nonni making sourdough bread in their backyard in suburban Sydney. Their ‘bakery’ was basically an…


Three different ways to make ice-cream at home

I’ve been inspired lately to become active on my previously-dormant Instagram account. After experimenting with the app’s features, I found that they can do a lot to enhance smartphone photos. So far, the main subjects…


Apricot sorbet

Yesterday I inadvertently found myself with an oversupply of apricots after my in-laws surprised me by bringing over several kilos of them! To think, I had just gone to market and bought some! Anyway, these…


Cherry-picking in the Monferrato countryside

For several years our cherry trees in the Monferrato hills would not bear any fruit. They had been planted over a hundred years ago by my husband’s great grandfather. We had therefore all assumed that…